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Homework Help: Find the radius of a geo-stationary satellite

  1. Sep 27, 2006 #1
    To find the radius of a geo-stationary satellite in terms of R_e, we see---

    M_s*w^2*R_s=G*M_eM_s/R_s^2 from where using GM_e=g R_e^2,

    We get R_s^3=gR_e^2/w^2. w can be evaluated. The problem is because of the fact that
    Kleppner provides the soln. R_s=6.6R_e.How, one can get rid of fractional exponent?
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    My guess is that you have to plug in the numbers, and then in the end get the 6.6 relationship. I don't see an algebraic way to do it offhand.
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