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Finding a spscific substance for a product

  1. Sep 2, 2007 #1
    Hello, my name is Gilad,

    I would like to have a general Idea of how to find out what is the most suitable plastic compound for producing a small plastic charm,

    I enclose an Image demonstrates the material I’m looking for (probably it would be more meaningful for those who are familiar with Mini-Winni mobile phone charms…)

    Thank you very much,


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    Welcome to PF, Gilad.
    Can you be a bit more specific as to the construction of your item? I can't tell from the picture whether it's one piece of plastic that's painted, or several coloured pieces put together. Also, is it to be solid or flexible?
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    Thank you for replying :)

    It is one molded plastic part which is then painted in several colors. I've included two pictures for demonstration. I hope this will help better.


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