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Finding a unitary transformation between two quantum states.

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    I have to find a unitary transformation that takes me from one quantum state to another (or if there is such a transformation), given the two quantum states in matrix form. The matrices are huge (smallest is 16x16) , so doing it on paper is not an option. Does anyone know how I can do this in Mathematica?
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    Do you need the explicit transformation? Otherwise you could prove it exists and use it as a general operator.

    If you do need it, try to get it to work for smaller examples.

    A last question have you googled? Because I suppose if it's got a built in solution you would find loads of info.
    If not please do so, good lookup skills are one of the most important things you'll ever learn.
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    I don't necessarily need to see the matrix form of the unitary, I just have to prove that it does exist, i.e. that my two states are unitarily equivalent. And yep, I did google.
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    What is your system?
    Because in the cases I encountered you can use the strong mathematical formalism to show this.
    It can be non-trivial but once you find the solution you often smack yourself in the head.
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    3 to 6 qubits. (forgot to mention initially that the smallest is 8x8, not 16x16).
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    It has been a while since I've worked with this. Which is why I took so long to answer.
    However you'll need to determine what the Hilbert space is.

    That's where my ideas get shaky.
    I will refrain from giving information that is likely to have grave errors in it. That way you don't have to unlearn faulty information.

    I noticed a mentor to move this to the QM forum where you'll get quality answers.
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    Thanks JorisL. So if it is of any help, the two matrices are here:


    I want to see if there is a unitary (up to some approximation anyway) , that takes me from one matrix to the other. Anyone know how to do this in Mathematica? or Numpy Python ?
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    If the states are pure, then an operation that transforms between them is just ##M_{b \leftarrow a} = I + \left| b \right\rangle \left\langle a \right|##. To make it unitary just pick some arbitrary other basis vectors to complete the $a$ basis and $b$ basis and add a mapping between them in as well.

    If the states are mixed, I guess you'd take the schmidt decomposition then map each schmidt basis vector in ##a## across the basis vectors in ##b## so the coefficients end up matching... but if ##b## is more pure than ##a## then there's likely an obstacle that prevents it from working.
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