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Finding duplicate photos on large photo galleries?

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    I was wondering if there is there any kind of program that identifies duplicate photos in large galleries saved on your computer?

    I've got several galleries that contain more than 1,000 photos and I'd like to delete any and all duplicates.

    It's extremely difficult to do this manually.
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    how do you name and catalog your photos ?

    for example .... I own 5 or 6 digital cameras
    each camera has its own folder with subfolders for month and year ....


    Ohhh OK 9 digital cameras ;)

    individual files are dated yyyymmdd(photo number) eg 20141212(0015) for files that I edit there will often be a description name that follows
    I'm moving away from that a lot, specially with the Canon 5D3 and I make use of Lightroom and its keyword abilities. Its a great way to be able to find pics across many folders with a common theme :)

    All the original pic's from the cameras are in those folders you see in the file tree
    The only duplicates of them are the backups on other drives
    NEVER alter your originals.
    If your camera can produce RAW files ALWAYS use that option if it can do RAW + JPG great
    There's only rare times when JPG is the only mode you may want to use ... namely when shooting high speed multiple frames ... eg sports /action events

    back to your original Q, I don't know of any specific software for finding dupe's if they have been renamed differently
    hence why I always keep the date and pic number assoc with each image ... makes it easy to find copies of same file

    sorry not a direct answer for you, but hopefully it will help in future when you get into a good labelling system :)

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    These photos were not taken with a camera, but rather JPEG's saved from websites like twitter, facebook, etc..
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    Not sure exactly how as I don't use them. Try one and see how it works.
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