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Homework Help: Finding final velocity in a perfectly elastic collision

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    [solved] finding final velocity in a perfectly elastic collision

    ~~~Two marbles with equal masses collide. Marble A has an initial velocity of 1.69 m/s while marble B is initially at rest. If marble A comes to rest as a result of the initial collision, what is the final velocity of marble B?

    * DO NOT include units in your answer.
    * Give your answer with two decimals.
    * Answers will be accepted if they are within 0.02 of the correct answer.

    ~Can anyone clarify this?
    1. m1v1i + m2v2i = m1v1f + m2v2f

    masses cancel....
    2. v1i+v2i = v1f+v2f

    3. (1.69m/s) + (0m/s) = (0m/s) + v2f

    4. 1.69 m/s= v2f

    I'm not sure this is correct...
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    Looks correct.
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    thank you so much!!!
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