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Finding kinetic energy between parallel plates

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    An electron, initially at rest, is accelerated through a potential difference of 600 V between two parallel plates.

    The plate on the bottom is @ 0 V. The top plate is 600 V. And the distance between the two is 4.2 x 10^-2 m.

    Calculate the kinetic energy gained.

    Alright, so initially I was thinking the potential energy must be converted into kinetic energy, so I started using the conservation of energy formula and ended up with -U = Kf. Is electric potential difference the same as electric potential energy?

    The answer's 9.6 x 10^-17 J btw. Can't figure out how!
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    You multiply the voltage difference times the charge to get the potential energy difference don't you? Sure, that would be the kinetic energy gained. I can't figure out why you aren't getting the right answer. Can you show your work?
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