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Finding Oblique Asympote by polidiv

  1. Oct 15, 2013 #1
    If you are looking for obli. asympt. for a function where the x^n+1/x^n or any, and you do a polynom division and you get a perfect match wihout any Rests. Does that mean the function doesn't have any obliique asymptotes?
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    That depends on the definition of asymptote - do you call a function "asymptote" if it is identical to the function you consider?
    As in, is g(x)=x+1 an asymptote to f(x)=x+1?
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    I'm having a hard time understanding what you're asking.

    "where the x^n+1/x^n or any" - what does this mean?
    Also, the expression you wrote probably isn't what you meant. What you wrote is this:
    xn + 1/xn

    I can't tell if you meant ##\frac{x^{n + 1}}{x^n}## or ##\frac{x^n + 1}{x^n}##. Suitably placed parentheses would be a great help.

    "perfect match wihout any Rests" - ??
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