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Homework Help: Finding Period (T) from time (t)

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    How do i do this!! I have a long problem with several question parts about waves and I know how to do all of it except the first question is asking me to find velocity which I need frequency for, which I need Period for! Anyone please help Period and time have been a stumper for me all year please help me set this straight and understand it, thanks anyone.
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    Your question is too vague. Please post the actual problem (or perhaps just the first part of it), so we can see exactly what you need help with.

    - Warren
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    alright well its a basic wave, with an amplitude of .03 m and a lambda of .08 m. It's asking for the speed when the time for ONE wave (it says point a to reach point f, they are two crests which are in phase) is 2 seconds.
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