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Finding Surface for Complex ParametricPlot3D

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    Normally, complex plot visualization is a 4D problem. Coloring re or im separately isn't very intuitive.

    Otoh, using Mathematica's ParametricPlot3d gives all the information and leaves us with the z-axis unused. Example for z→z+k/z:


    I'm trying to find a surface which when projected onto the xy-plane gives the iso displacement lines of the complex parametric plot. (Mathematica uses polygons for computation here).

    An alternative would be to compute the grid line density for the z-value.
    I looked at a density/contour plot, but it appears quite different:


    How would you go about this? Is this connected to riemann surfaces? It seems for higher k's the surface would intersect/overlap itself/ project non-injective.
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    nobody? is this graduate stuff?
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