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Finding the variable of the equation?

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    I was just wondering if it is possible to find b in this equation?


    where y=f(a,b).

    so the I guess f(x,f(a,b))=result.

    I know the actual value of x,a and result and it is possible to find b in the equation.

    I also know the function of f().

    Please ask me if this is the question is not clear and this is not a homework question.
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    Hey sunmaungoo and welcome to the forums.

    It should be possible to use what is known as a root finding algorithm to get an approximation at the very least for the value of b (possibly many solutions depending on the definition of f).

    The idea is the same for example trying to solve x^7 + xSQRT(x) + e^-x + 34 = 0 where we need to find x: in these kinds of problems, we use a computer algorithm to get a good enough approximation.

    Are you familiar with these kinds of methods?
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    unfortunately chiro,I am not familiar of these kind of methods.To be honest,I does not take math major.The exponent (e) is the exponent of 10,2 ? Thank for taking your time answering to this thread.
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    No worries: just post the function definition here and I will run through it with you.
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    It is actually a programming thing but I translated into the Mathematics so I don't know if it ok to post it here goes.I think this thread should be moved to a programming topic section.

    Code (Text):

    string str="5YD6ZNFC"

    bool result=(Method1(tempIntArray,Method1(temp2.ToArray(),str))==Method1(tempIntArray,text));

    string Method1(int [] array,string text)
    string result;

    int num=0;

    for(int i=0;i<text.Length;i++)
    int num2=(int)(text[i]-'0');

    num2=(num2+array[num] /new Int) * (array[num+1]/tempInt);




    return result;

    string Method2(string text)
    int num=text.Length/2;

    string text2=text.Substring(0,num);

    string text3=text.Substring(num);

    string text4;

    int num2=0;

    while(num2<text2.Length && num2 <text3.Length)
    int num3=(int)(text2[num2]-'0');

    int num4=(int)(text3[num2]-'0';

    return text4;

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    When you deal with strings, the best way IMO to deal with this in general is to treat the string as a number in some base.

    If you have a string and each character has b possibilities then you can write a string as number by using X = x0 + b*x1 + b^2*x2 + b^3*x3 + ... + b^n*xn.

    Once you have this you can convert your computer code into a mathematical kind of relationship in which you can look at the problem in terms of using a root finding algorithm for the variables that are free.

    It looks like your routine actually takes the string and converts it to a plain number (not in the same way I have done though) but it doesn't make sense because you have variables that I can't make sense of.

    Can you explain in simple terms what your function actually does?
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    It has something to do with cryptography.I think it would be a best method to encode a sensitive message.I know there are a lot of better way to archive it but I particular want to know this algorithm because I wanted to treat it as a learning experience for my future complex development project.So basically it is for education purpose.
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