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Homework Help: Finding Work with constant pressure and temp.

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    The conversion of propene (C3H6) to dichloromethane (CH2Cl2) takes place according to the
    C3H6(g) + 3Cl2(g) 6 3CH2Cl2(g).
    At 298.15 K, the standard enthalpy change of this reaction is -306.98 kJ mol-1 and the
    standard enthalpy of formation of CH2Cl2(g) is -95.52 kJ mol-1.

    Calculate q, w, deltaU, and deltaH for the production of one mole of CH2Cl2(g) by this reaction
    at a constant pressure of one bar and a temperature of 298.15 K.

    I'm having trouble finding the work done, how can you determine the work done if there's no change in volume? Please help (A: w=826 J)

    Thank you.
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    If the volume changes at constant pressure work is done. Work = pressure X area X distance = pressure X volume
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