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Finding X and Y components of forces

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    So I did an equilibrium experiment using pulleys and weights, where we set up different weights at different angles and had to get the right angle and weight to make the ring in the middle be centered. I am suppose to find the X and Y components of the forces. I am sort of confused on which components are the X and Y. The magnitude is in newtons so I think I have to use that magnitude to find the X and Y components? I also have an angle so would my components be something like 2.25Nxcos(50.0°)=x and 2.25Nxsin(50°)=y?
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    The angle is taken relative to an axis. If you are choosing the x axis and your angle is at the origin, and positive angle is in the first quadrant ... then the x component is F*cosθ - adjacent/hippopotamus and the rise in y will be given by F*Sineθ - opposite/hippo.
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