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Finishing your graduate school application early vs. general GRE score

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    Hi :)
    i can finish my application by mid September but i will not have enough time to prepare for the verbal section of the GRE, how important is it? should i take an extra month to prepare for it ?
    how important is finishing an application early for graduate schools?
    some schools don't look at your application until it's all done, could i finish everything else and do the general GRE later??

    thank you
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    I submitted pretty much all my applications on the deadline. It turned out fine. I don't really see why schools would care about that, what's the point of a deadline if they don't want you to use it? haha

    I wouldn't worry about the verbal GRE too much. I mean you don't want to bomb it. But if you can write a really good personal statement that shows you can write well, then it seems to me that covers the important part of your verbal ability anyway.
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    You should not spend a month studying for the verbal part of the GRE. I would say a week of occasional studying is appropriate; it is what I did. I am starting grad school in the fall. The important thing is the PGRE, which I imagine you already know.
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    It's a funny loophole, at some schools you can be accepted into an applied physics program without taking the physics GRE, if you are claiming to be interested in materials science. Materials science comes in the applied physics department, but since matsci's haven't done much physics, they can't expect you to take the exam. Obviously once you're in the department you're no different than anyone else though.
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    yeah i think it's not all that important, but how much is enough should it be more than 500 or 400.
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    yeah i think it's not all that important,, but how much should be above 400, 500 hundred i guess that's how much i might get,, i'm an American-Jordanian i studied physics in Jordan does that count for something??
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