MATLAB Finite Element Analysis in Matlab!

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Hello folks :)

I need to model a finite element model of a beam in bending in matlab

i need directions and help

If you are looking for some slick algorithm that MATLAB has built in I am unaware of any. There are, however, some programs that are publicly available that use MATLAB to solve finite element problems which you can likely download but chances are if this is a simple beam problem you will spend more time learning how to use the programs than actually learning about FEA.

you should probably write out your own solution and iteration technique. I think if you understand the basics of finite element analysis this should not be too difficult.

Does this get you started? If not, post more details.
Mesh youor part in a finite element software,
Export the data of the meshes ( Conectivity matrix and nodes matrix) in a note pad file.
Now You can Import that file in Matlab,But IShould tell u you have to modify the notepad file,seprate the matrises in 2 file ,

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