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First Internship (advice anyone?)

  1. Feb 7, 2012 #1
    Hey guys. :biggrin:

    I just recently was offered my first research internship as an undergrad (community college student, so it's been difficult) at Argonne through the DOE. I just thought I'd ask if anyone else has interned at Argonne (or has held DOE internships at other national labs) before and, if so, could give me an idea of what to expect.


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  3. Feb 7, 2012 #2
    I am doing my 1st internship too now..
    I find difficulties also to make an inspection machine...

    Anw, what is DOE?
  4. Feb 7, 2012 #3
    DOE = Department of Energy.

    I got my internship through a DOE sponsored program (CCI) and it doesn't start until this Summer.

    Where is yours?
  5. Feb 7, 2012 #4
    Yap, I realize it is difficult too here...
    But I found the challenge in every single day assignment I must finish, because It is related to my final project.
    I am doing my internship in Dharma Controlcable.

    Anw, when you are offered, you must be told about what the research is, right?
    From now on, you could explore your imagination, it seems fun.
    Well, my enthusiasm comes from passion to contribute and serve my company.
  6. Feb 7, 2012 #5
    Congratulations! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit jealous, I'd love to get an internship at a place like that.
  7. Feb 7, 2012 #6
    Oh really?
    You like to work in a factory?

    Hmm, anyway what your research is about?
    And what do you plan to do there?
  8. Feb 9, 2012 #7
    Sorry for the delayed response, I've been terribly busy lately.

    My research project is in the physics division and has to with the fabrication/processing of a superconducting niobium resonant cavity. I'm not really familiar with the technology, but I've started reading up on some of the background and so far it seems terribly interesting.

    ehilge: Yes, I'm really excited about it. I in no way had any expectations when I applied, but it just goes to show you the possible outcomes of applying to every program you can find even if you don't think you'll get in.

    Also, purely from a curiosity standpoint, which of the two generally look better as far as research goes, SULIs or REUs?
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