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Aerospace engineering career advice

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    About me: I am a transfer junior Aerospace engineering major at U of Minnesota and will be getting a degree in physics from U of Wisconsin the same time I graduate from MN (don't ask how that works, it just does). I have had an REU nuclear physics internship (+ a year and half of nuclear research), a Quality engineering internship and currently a lab technician at 3M while in school. I have 3.1 gpa and am apart of Formula SAE. I am a alright student (not a genius but I do the best I can), I excel in a work environment (have stellar recommendations).

    Problem: Since transferring I have found it near impossible to even get a call for an interview for any internships, it was actually easier to get a call back while a physics major. I have applied every where from Boeing to small town engineering firms and nothing. I have a professionally done resume and all of my previous managers attest I was their best interviewee they have ever had.

    To me it seems that the more I buff up myself with experience and technical training (referring to doing a 2nd degree) the more doors close for me.

    IS MY GPA REALLY THE REASON I CANT GET AN INTERNSHIP TO LOOK AT ME? (I know its not stellar but I figured my experience would at least help me a bit)



    I love science and actually learning about engineering and how our world functions to an immense degree but I have sacrificed my personal life to be where I am and honestly right now it doesn't seem worth it. I know I am not a genius and probably will be only able to maintain around 3.2 so did I screw up? should I jump ship before I commit more time?
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    Contact the UM co-op office about getting a position through them. It would be fool hearty to quit now.
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    Are you just resume blasting?

    You should talk to your network. Make a linkedin account.

    Also you would be surprised how you are connected to companies. Your friends cousin might work somewhere. Talk to your professors. talk to your family. etc
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    I might add, talk to head hunters. I've gotten several positions through them.
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    What would qualify as a headhunter?
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    "Headhunter" is slang for recruiter. But I've personally never heard of student interns being placed by recruiters. For that matter, it's rare for fresh grads to be placed by recruiters. The fee for a legit recruiter is paid by the employer; typically the employer is willing to pay for experienced people ... no need to pay for newbies (there are plenty knocking on the door).
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