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Homework Help: First order differentials & euler's method

  1. Nov 9, 2006 #1
    I'm having trouble solving first order differential equations for euler's method.

    right now i'm trying to figure out: y' = x + y y(0) = 1

    i have: dy/dx - y = x
    p(x)=-1 , q(x)=x


    y=e^x [integral](xe^-x)dx

    .. i don't think i'm doing this right, where am i going wrong?

    [sorry about not using the right symbols & thank you!]
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    I thought Euler's method was to do it numerically.

    I have no idea.
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    well, i guess it isnt exactly Euler's method, but it's finding the accuracy OF it, i just realized that. And to find it, I have to find the exact solution of that initial value problem..
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