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First order logic : definitions

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    Hi all,
    Just a few question about FOL logic.

    What is the difference between terms and atoms, I read lot's of differents definitions, then when I think that I've understood, I find an exemple where both are used without any difference (for ordering by instance).

    An another question is :
    What does monadic mean ? Monadic terms, litterals, ...

    Thank you
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    Stephen Tashi

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    I'm not a logician, so I'm unsure of how standardized such terminology is.

    I'll give your thread a bump by noting that the current Wikipedia article on first order logic does not define the term "atom". It does define terms where the adjective "atomic" appears, such as "atomic formulas". The fact the adjective "atomic" appears in terminology doesn't require that the definition of the noun "atom" must be established.

    Perhaps if you quote or cite some of the material that confuses you, another forum member can sort it out.
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