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First Post Preview in ForumDisplay

  1. Sep 13, 2007 #1
    There is a cool little feature that lets you preview the first post of a thread with out refreshing your web browers. There is now a row of [+] boxes to the left of thread title in forum view. Click one and you'll see the first post shown. Click again and it disappears.

    I did this at the expense of thread emotes, you'll also find the thread emotes aren't an option under the message box anymore when starting a new thread. Not maybe ppl used the feature anyway, shouldn't be a big loss.
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    This is especially useful for Firefox users for whom the tooltip is truncated. Of course, it may not be as fast as a tooltip, but it's certainly better in other ways.
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    Sick! I love it.

    It's great!
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    Cool feature! Is it possible to add it to the Nexus skin as well?
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    No sorry, I haven't support nexus for over a year :)
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    Nice! I just tried it on this thread. Pretty cool!
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    I was wondering why the prime doesn't have a 'contact us' at the bottom? and if it was working on the nexus view??
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