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Preview Post doesn't show tex formatted images

  1. Dec 24, 2005 #1
    "Preview Post" doesn't show tex formatted images

    Merry Christmas!

    I guess everyone here has this problem, but somehow I cannot find this problem in this forum.

    I like tex formatting feature of these fora. When I post a message with tex tags, at first I hit "Preview Post" to try to see my tex formats are correct or not. However at this time, tex tag doesn't work; All I see is "Latex graphic is being generated. Reload this page in a moment" message and it won't reload itself. "Reload" button on my browser doesn't work, either. So I have to post a message whether my tex formulae may be correct or not, and edit it afterwards.
    Is this normal? I use mozilla (seamonkey) on Linux. Is other browser fine? I tried with opera on Linux, but in vain too.

    Thanks in advance!
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    At this time the preview function is not enabled for LaTex.
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    Thanks for the quick repy. It explains all!
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    I use Mozilla Firefox. Same problem. I am just testing the following here.

    [itex] \gamma = \frac{1}{1-v^2/c^2}[/itex]

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    Ok. It works although I can't see it in preview. But I remember sevaral months ago we were able to preview Latex too. At that time I was using Internet Explorer. That makes me wonder if it is the browser that gives this problem.

    "At this time the preview function is not enabled for LaTex" So how come we were able to do it (may be an year ago)?
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    It's not a problem, as explained, it is not a feature that is available, and this isn't the appropriate place to "test" LaTex.

    It was available then, it's not available now.
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    That function was lost when PF was upgraded back in...um...when was that? September? It's not just a matter of checking a box to turn on a feature, so requires some work to fix. I think Greg is working on it...it's on his to-do list (along with a long list of other things, so I wouldn't hold your breath waiting).
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    I see. I hope it'll be fixed soon :smile: Fortunately in many cases replies are not posted so soon and I don't have to mind it right now.
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    That explains it. Thanks for replying.
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