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Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis and Catalysts

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    There is a large body of documents from the 1920’s through the present day which are important for researching and understanding the history and development of the Fischer-Tropsch and related processes. The purpose of this Fischer-Tropsch.org is to make these documents available in electronic media and in a centralized location


    This process, and really a set of processes, have been receiving increased attention over the last decade.

    Syntroleum - http://www.syntroleum.com/ - has developed Fischer-Tropsch (FT) technology that can convert stranded natural gas into ultra-clean fuels, such as diesel, naphtha and liquefied petroleum gases. The company also plans to convert coal into ultra-clean FT fuels.

    Another company doing FTS - Rentech - http://www.rentechinc.com/

    This will probably become a hot area, especially if there is a move to a so-called hydrogen economy.
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