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Fluid is a refrigirant and pressurized like in most air conditioners

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    1. i have 2 pipes. the source is pipe A and i will connect it to pipe B. the diameter of Pipe varies and has a range, lets say around 1 in. pipe A can be larger than pipe B. what mechanism shall i i use in order to avoid leakage during the process? the fluid is a refrigirant and pressurized like in most air conditioners (window-type)

    2. i have this evaporator and i want to test its capacity. do i need to have the complete aircon parts (condenser, compressor, expansion device, etc) or just a refrigirant tank, pump and an air source.?

    3. if the test is done, what design shall i use to be sure that there is no refrigirant left in the evaporator and it goes back to the tank?
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    1. Your first question is unfinished....

    2. You can't test an evaporator without a functional air conditioning cycle.

    3. Not sure about this one - I guess I always thought a little bit of the gas was lost.
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    so, what will i do to minimize the refrigirant left in the heat exchanger?
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    i've edited the 1st post,,,
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