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Focusing on a specific area of Mechanical Engineering Undergrad?

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    I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and I found a research opportunity I really want (it focus on Fastening and Joining). I want to take classes relevant to this area, but my university offers different areas to specialize in as an Undergrad, so which one should I focus on in order to take classes relevant to Fastening and Joining?

    1)Energy, fluid and thermal systems depth area. Includes courses in the fluid and thermal energy transport area.

    2)Automotive engineering depth area. Includes courses with an automotive engineering emphasis area with two possible areas of specialty: automotive structures or internal combustion engines.

    3)Manufacturing engineering depth area. This depth area includes courses in the manufacturing area.

    4) Plastics and composites manufacturing engineering depth area. This depth area includes courses in the plastics and composites manufacturing area.
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    Is there more information you can provide on this research opportunity focusing in fastening and joining (ex: what type of joining)? Of the given choices, automotive structures is the most applicable; you'll want to focus in structural analysis.
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    "Fastening and Joining" is much to vague to get a good answer here, IMO. You could be talking about anything from the fatigue properties of bolts under cyclic loading, to the chemistry of adhesives.
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