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Homework Help: Football Pattern Vectors Question

  1. Sep 2, 2012 #1
    In a practice, a football players runs the pattern shown above. Leg A is 3.0 meters long, leg B is 13.0 meters long and leg C is 23.0 meters long. The angle φ between legs B and C is 38.0°. (Legs A and B are perpendicular.)

    1.)What is x component of her displacement? (Assume the x direction to be horizontal on that drawing above.)
    (A+B+C)x =
    2.)What is y component of her displacement? (Assume the y direction to be vertical on that drawing above.)
    (A+B+C)y =

    For to find the x and y component I did the following:



    (A+B+C)x=31.336 which I got correct but for (A+B+C)y=-3.16 which I didn't get correct and I don't know what I did wrong??
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  3. Sep 3, 2012 #2
    Welcome to PF.
    I'm a bit confused how leg A and B are perpendicular but there is only a 38 deg angle difference between the two. For Ay you have 3sin90 but for Ax you have 3cos0?
    Seems that your Ay is incorrect since you got part 1.
    In the future illustrations go a long way.
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    Here is a picture.

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    By = 0
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