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Force method vs superposition method

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    I was wondering, is there a preference for when to use either of these methods for solving statically indeterminate structures, or are both equally viable in all situations?

    Also, when using these how does one know where to ''cut'' the sections up to find the internal forces?

    Thank you
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    Simon Bridge

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    The preferred method is whichever makes the math simple enough to actually do... ideally you want to try the method which loos like it will give the simplest math. For arbitrarily complicated structures, it won't be easy to tell which on that is.

    You know how to cut the sections by referring to your copious experience doing similar problems and trusting your gut. This is why students are given lots of exercises starting from quite easy geometries and building up. Eventually you'll recognize when a structure looks a bit like one that you already know how to solve and use that to guide you.
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