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Force of seat belt on person in when car collides into a piston

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    A car moving at 20 m/s runs into a piston that compresses air in a cylinder and stops the car at 0.3m. The 70kg person stops in the same distance because of the seat belt. Determine the average force of the seat belt on person during the stop and what assumptions did you make?

    ~we just learned about the ideal gas law and the equations: PV=nRT and F=PA. I'm guessing that these equations are somehow used for this equation. I don't even know where to begin with this.

    Can anyone guide me?
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    This is not a question on the ideal gas law, this is a question of force and acceleration under the general topic of mechanics-forces and motion. It involves Newton's laws, kinematics, energy methods, or momemtum concepts. Are you familiar with any of these, and if so, please show an attempt.
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