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A belt is a loop of flexible material used to link two or more rotating shafts mechanically, most often parallel. Belts may be used as a source of motion, to transmit power efficiently or to track relative movement. Belts are looped over pulleys and may have a twist between the pulleys, and the shafts need not be parallel.
In a two pulley system, the belt can either drive the pulleys normally in one direction (the same if on parallel shafts), or the belt may be crossed, so that the direction of the driven shaft is reversed (the opposite direction to the driver if on parallel shafts). As a source of motion, a conveyor belt is one application where the belt is adapted to carry a load continuously between two points. The belt drive can also be used to change the speed of rotation, either up or down, by using different sized pulleys.

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  1. A

    Why is the work done double its expected value? (conveyer belt)

    The question was this: My calculations show that the answer should be equal to work done on crate to make it reach the same velocity which is equal to 216 J but the answer given is 432 J It is believed that extra energy is needed to overcome friction but friction is an internal force and...
  2. sophiecentaur

    I Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt: differences

    When I read about formation of solar systems it seems reasonable to me that most of the material would end up lying in a plane because the number of collisions and interactions would be least and the most stable situation in a common orbital plane in the long run. (Is this a far too simplistic...
  3. ananonanunes

    Average distance between asteroids in the asteroid belt

    What I did was find the total area of the space between the Kirkwood gaps and the area occupied by the asteroids (assuming they all had a 100m radius). I subtracted the two to get the area that is empty in that region. To find the average empty area between asteroids I divided this by the...
  4. Lotto

    B Rope wrapped around a rod - belt friction

    Ideally, it should look circa like this: But in reality, it looks often like this: Is the formula valid also in this case?
  5. E

    I Box Entering Conveyor Belt

    Let say a package is entering a conveyor belt (velocity ##w##) at zero initial velocity ##v## in the direction of the conveyor. Initially the package slips as its being accelerated (from rest) to conveyor belt speed. A linear drag force seems reasonable to me for a model: $$ \beta( \mu, N ) (...
  6. O

    Relationship between belt tension and pressure it exerts

    I have following setup where a non-elastic belt is wrapped around an elastic object, like leather belt around waist. When I pull the belt with force F, it tightens around the elastic object and the belt exerts force to the elastic object. I would like to know what is the relationship between the...
  7. S

    Flat Belt and Pullies with different Coefficients

    I would like to attached a picture here...
  8. A

    I Question about Kuiper belt

    What is the distance between the objects in the Kuiper belt? Is the density of objects high and the probability of a spacecraft colliding with objects in this area?
  9. Z

    What happens to a ball placed on a moving conveyor belt?

    Here is my depiction of the initial state: Note that the presence of ##f_k## means the ball is initially slipping. We also know that the linear and angular speeds of the ball are increasing in time. At some point, the ball should stop slipping. The condition for no slipping is that the speed...
  10. T

    Angular Velocity: Pulley and belt system

    So far I have: The velocity of the belt will be the same for pully A and D, so we can calculate the angular velocity of pulley D: ## V_A = V_B ## ## \omega_A r_A = \omega_D r_D ## ## ((20*3)+40)(0.075) = \omega_D (0.025) ## ## \omega_D = 300 Rad/s ## My next step was to determine the angular...
  11. lucaszito

    Pulley system for cardboard pulp shredder/mixer

    Hi everybody, first message on this forum ! I am building a machine for a friend who works with cardboard pulp, he is also a performance artist and would like a machine where 2 or 3 performers can activate the machine by hand with pulleys and wheels, and shred the pieces of cardboard that are...
  12. Pipsqueakalchemist

    Engineering Dynamics question — Belt pulled between two cylindrical rollers

    For question, in the solution when setting up the moment equation, why does the solution use Fa and Fb? Friction is coefficient times normal force and that can be found with the info given so why does the solution take it to be an variable?
  13. S

    B Density of the Asteroid Belt

    Hello All Typical 'artist's impressions' of the Asteroid Belt show a large density of matter, see the attached view. Many unmanned spacecraft (and hopefully soon some manned ones) have crossed this belt, without encountering any asteroids, so how close is this view to the truth? Is there any...
  14. B

    Sand drops on a conveyor belt at constant rate

    I can understand how it can be explained using the change of momentum to find the average force on the belt, then us $$P=Fv$$ to get the power. What I didn't understand is why the energy solution won't work. If in 1 second, sand with mass m has fallen on the belt and accelerated to speed v...
  15. E

    I 4 spaceships are pulling a membrane through an asteroid belt

    Given 4 spaceships are pulling an elastic rubber membrane with constant speed and slow velocity into an asteroid belt. - In that way, that they all start in empty space and have a constant low speed of say 50km/h as they reach the belt. - The four edges of the membrane are tied to one of the...
  16. T

    Friction between a mass and a conveyor belt (ENGAA 2017)

    Please scroll-down to Q50: https://www.undergraduate.study.cam.ac.uk/files/publications/engineering_s1_qp_2017.pdf The correct answer is 'B', or 'mgsin(Θ)'. I put 'E', or 'μmgcos(Θ)'. There are unofficial worked solutions which I have been referring to when I have attempted the question and...
  17. S

    Pulleys and a Belt, with friction and Torque

    Torque on driver T = 2300N x .2m = 460Nm Torque on drum T=2300N x .6m T = 1380Nm Not sure how to calculate friction force on these...Do we have to assume a contact angle of 180 degrees if nothing is given or is that even required? Not sure what a free body diagram would look like for this.
  18. M

    Old Astronomy Book Predicts the Kuiper Belt

    As a boy (probably about 1959/60) I read a book on astronomy which among other things briefly discussed Pluto . The author noted that it had been discovered as a result of discrepancies in the orbital motions of Uranus and Neptune, but was far too small to be the cause of these. Among other...
  19. J

    Air Cylinder connected to a Lever that drives a Pulley for Applying Belt Tension

    Hi, I am looking for some guidance on how to approach this calculation. I have an air cylinder operating a lever assembly that then applies pressure to a pulley of which a belt is wrapped around. I need the belt to have about 4500 lbs of tension. How do I work backwards to figure the required...
  20. E

    Understanding V-Belt Tension and Forces: Exploring a FBD Diagram

    I found this diagram, How does the belt tension arise? I would assume it be exerted by belt elements on either side (i.e. unbalanced tension forces due to curvature around the pulley), but that's not clear from this diagram. Also, just to make sure I'm not going crazy, why have they drawn...
  21. B

    Second programming language to get under the belt: python vs C

    Hello everybody, I am a master student in Theoretical Chemistry and I am working in the DFT realm. Both TDDFT and DFT applied to extended systems (eg. using QUANTUM ESPRESSO). Of course I work with these softwares from a end-user point of view, not as a developer. But anyway, even if some of...
  22. ramadhankd

    FBD of two translating rollers connected by a belt

    Hey, I'm trying to create a mechanism consisting of multiple rollers connected with belt, moving in the same linear direction with acceleration a, but I got stuck in finding the relationship between the forces and acceleration. I even got confused in building the FBD of only two rollers. The...
  23. MPavsic

    Belt and Pulleys - Centrifugal Forces

    Hi. I assume that vector summation of the centrifugal forces acting on the belt, on pulley A and B, equals to zero. Is Centrifugal force on pulley A static or dynamic force? What would, hypothetically, happen if the sum centrifugal forces acting on the belt are not zero? Could some kind of...
  24. Like Tony Stark

    Packages acting on a conveyor belt

    A) Before passing by ##A## the forces acting are weight and normal force. Then, after passing by that point you have (Tangential direction) ##W_t-Fr=m.a_t## (Normal direction) ##-N+W_n=m.\omega ^2 .r## Also, as the packages don't slide, we can say that ##a_t=0## Are these ideas okay? B) When...
  25. MPavsic

    Normal acceleration of the Belt on the Pulley

    I have a series of pulleys where the belt is running around them in a way to describe a sine curve. The pulleys are stationary and the belt is running from left to right. For every particle of the belt I can use standard formula to calculate their normal acceleration, when in contact with the...
  26. S

    Yo-yo on an accelerating conveyor belt

    First off, I was wondering if the acceleration of the conveyor belt can be considered a force. And I'm not exactly sure how to use Newton's second law if the object of the forces is itself on an accelerating surface. Also, I don't know whether it rolls with or without slipping. I thought I could...
  27. M

    B Is the asteroid belt horizontal or like a dome?

    I see that most planets rotate around the sun in a horizontal circle, except for Pluto. My question is about the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt. Are they horizontal or like a dome? As in can an object go “above” and “below” them in a totally open space? Also ... is it known and confirmed...
  28. J

    Automotive Torque formula to throw a mass with two pulleys and a belt

    Hey guys What's is the formula to find the force(torque) to throw a mass in the air that is 500kg/m(3) with 2 pulley and a belt. Thanks
  29. JD_PM

    Cylinder lying on conveyor belt

    Homework Statement You buy a bottle of water in the store and place it on the conveyor belt with the longitudinal axis perpendicular to the direction of movement of the belt. Initially, both the belt and the bottle are at rest. We can approach the bottle as one cylinder with radius ##R##, mass...
  30. F

    How to calculate natural frequency of timing belt

    Hello I am designing a shaft and it will be powered via belt pulley system. The ideal RPM of the shaft is 8000 RPM. How do I calculate the natural frequency of the timing belt to ensure resonance is never met? From what I read online it has to do with belt pretension, but even then I am little...
  31. S

    Box on a conveyor belt (friction)

    Homework Statement A 10kg crate is placed on a horizontal conveyor belt. Draw a free-body diagram showing all the forces on the crate if the conveyer belt is speeding up.Homework Equations Its mastering physics says to "Draw the force vectors with their tails at the dot. The orientation of...
  32. jtbell

    News Is this the second largest excavation after the Panama Canal?

    I’m on the road in the “rust belt” again, although mostly not to the same places as last year. My first major destination is Columbus, Ohio, which hosts the American Philatelic Society’s big annual stamp show. I’m taking the same route north through Kentucky as in the previous trip, just with...
  33. A

    Force Required to Maintain Conveyor Belt Speed: 7N

    1. Problem Statement: Sand is falling on a conveyor at a steady rate of 2kgs-¹.The motor of conveyor belt is rotating so that the belt is moving at a constant speed of 3.5m/s.what is force required to maintain the speed of the speed of the belt? 2. Relevant Equation: F=v×(dm/dt)The Attempt at a...
  34. DaveC426913

    B Asteroid Belt not so circular?

    In my textbooks, the Asteroid Belt has always been illustrated as a circle. Is this animation accurate? https://i.imgur.com/LXR0Ulq.gifv It never occurred to me that the belt might might be intimately connected with the Trojans. Well ... my learning about the Asteroid Belt and my learning...
  35. R

    MHB Angular speed of 2 pulleys on a belt

    The two pulleys connected by a belt have a radii of 15 cm and 8 cm. The larger pulley rotates 24 times in 36 seconds. a. Find the angular velocity of the small pulley in radians per second. b. Find the linear velocity of a point on the belt that connects the two pulleys in centimeters per second.
  36. Pushoam

    Power needed to keep conveyor belt running

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Taking change in the kinetic energy per unit time as power, P = ## \frac {d W}{dt} = \frac {d K}{dt} = \frac 1 2 \frac { dm} {dt} v^2 = 36.75 ## watt...(1) ## P = \vec F \cdot \vec v = \frac{ dm} {dt} \vec v \cdot \vec v =...
  37. T

    Mechanical Principals - Drive belt tension and load torque

    Question One What would be the effect on the following if the load torque is increased and the speed maintains constant (give reasons for your answer): A. the tension in the tight side of the belt B. the tension in the slack side of the belt C. the power transmitted. Not sure on how to solve...
  38. Y

    Automotive What limits the max power rating of a V-Belt drive?

    We know that belt drives are limited in their max possible power rating and most high power/torque applications(trucks) use gear drives. I wanted to know the main factor that limits the power/torque rating of belts. Is it Frictional slip or Belt material? If the frictional slip could be...
  39. A

    Auto Timing Belt Tooth Profile

    Have not been here for many years. I am a retired chemical engineer who loves to work on cars but I know my limitations! Subaru uses two timing belt designs on their 2.5 SOHC non turbo engines. The Forester/Impreza platform uses a modified curvilinear belt and the Legacy/Outback platform uses a...
  40. shihab-kol

    B Position of the asteroid belt

    The asteroid belt is present between Mars and Jupiter but why is it spaced out like that? Why not between some other planets?
  41. Y

    Automotive Construction of CVT Metal push belt

    I am trying to understand the construction of CVT Metal belts that are made up of steel elements and some rings. I do not understand the full construction details of the belt. The most detailed information I have got ever is in this PDF on page 5...
  42. G

    Calculate the force on the tight side of a belt drive

    Homework Statement Belt coefficient of friction is .35, pulley diameter is 100cm and maximum torque is 200nm. Calculate the force on the tight side Homework Equations T2=T1/e^friction*angle The Attempt at a Solution T=fr, 200nm=f x .5m , f=400N T2=T1/e^friction*angle 400N=T1/e^.35*pie...
  43. H

    What makes a misaligned belt drive inefficient?

    http://constructionasphalt.tpub.com/TM-5-3895-374-24-1/css/TM-5-3895-374-24-1_666.htm consider the misalignment illustration in the link above. What makes a misaligned belt drive inefficient? I imagine it is due to increase friction but where does this friction manifest in the system? (which...
  44. M

    I Computer friendly list of bodies in the asteroid belt?

    Is there a computer friendly list with the known bodies in the Solar System astroid belt, that contains their physical properties, position and velocities?
  45. P

    Calculating Belt Pull, Drum Torque, Motor Power & Speed

    Homework Statement Calculate the Belt pull, drum torque, motor power and speed required to drive a flat top belt given the following information: Belt centres are 4.0m Required speed is 18m/min Drum diameter is 300mm Belt mass is 3.0kg/m Belt is fully loaded with 32kg boxes 0.8m long Belt...
  46. jtbell

    News Rust Belt Road Trip: Revisiting the Midwest by Rail Fan

    [This is an old thread. I revived it a year later to add a related factoid.] Some of you with long memories might remember my western road trip several years ago, from which I posted pictures en route. I don't know how to paste links on my phone, but you can easily find the thread with a forum...
  47. T

    How to determine a load for belt tensioner

    Hello all. I am trying to understand how to calculate the load in a certain arrangement. More specifically, when there is no work being done on the belt, a set of idlers are under equal load. When the main drive pulley at the top is rotating counter clockwise, the belt on the right in the...
  48. W

    Kinematics Belt and Pulley Problem

    Homework Statement I think I made a mistake somewhere.. Homework Equations T = Jα T = F*R The Attempt at a Solution A) I started with T = Jα Since there is no slip, αm = αL Thus: Tm / Jm = TL / JL Plugging in, we find TL = Tm * JL / Jm = 2560 Now use T = F*R. Tm = Fm * Rm Plugging in...