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Forces acting on a front wheel hub of a race car

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    Guys help me out in understanding about the forces that will act on a wheel hub, which serves as a interconnector between the chassis and the wheel.This hub is for a race car. It holds the brake disc at one end and tire at the other end. I wish to analyse the hub for the stress concentrations in it. The wheel is mounted to the hub at four points and the brake disc is also mounted to the hub at four points. I need to know what are the parameters required to analyse this part for stress concentration...can anyone suggest any book for understanding about the vehicle forces more better.
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    jack action

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    You can start with the theory at bottom of this page to understand the forces acting on the vehicle.

    Basically, there will be 2 forces to analyze:

    • The normal force acting on the tire (i.e. the portion of the car weight supported by the tire);
    • The maximum friction force, which is the tire friction coefficient times the normal force acting on the tire.
    The maximum friction force can act in any direction depending on the situation: longitudinal acceleration, deceleration (braking), lateral acceleration or any combinations of those.

    Then, depending on your hub design and dimensions, there will be reaction forces and torques at the joints, brake system and axle to balance those 2 forces.
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    @jack jackson

    Thanks for the reply...i will look into the theory....

    Thanks once again
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