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Forces unified at the time of the big bang

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    I noticed the following relationships, and I'm curious if these are why physicists believed all forces might have been equal (or unified) during the big bang.

    Pm = Plank Mass
    Pl = Planck Length
    Pt = Planck Time
    Pf = Planck frequency (non-angular) = 2.952104e42 Hz
    Eo = Electric Constant
    Uo = Magnetic Constant

    Force of gravity between two planck masses one planck length away:
    F = G * (Pm * Pm) / (Pl * Pl) = 1.210259e44 N (Planck force)

    Electrostatic force between two planck charges one planck length away:
    F = (1/(4*pi*Eo)) * (Qp^2/Pl^2) = 1.21025e44 N (Planck force)

    Magnetic force between two Planck scale magnetic poles:
    F = (Uo/(4*pi)) * ( [(2*pi*Pf*Qp)*Pl)]^2 / (Pl^2)) = 1.21025e44 N (Planck force)
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    Vanadium 50

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    I don't think it is just numerological ... And I was looking for someone else's opinion. Please PM me if you have anything else to say.
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    Vanadium 50

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    This isn't about "opinions". Science is about facts. You don't get to have an opinion that this isn't just algebraic rearrangements. That's exactly what's happening here, just like the last two times you did this.

    Oh, and if you think I shouldn't be posting on this thread, feel free to report this message to the mods.
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    In other words.. You are wrong! Science is about facts, but guess what usually comes before the facts? Opinions and theory! This can still be science!

    You think the above is "JUST" algebraic rearrangements.... It does involve algebraic rearrangements, true ... But it doesn't matter! The units are right, the formulas are right, and it might even make sense from a theoretical point of view!! ... So you can't say it is JUST algebraic rearrangements... That is fine if you don't agree, and I got your vote how many times now? 15+? This could probably considered thread hijacking.
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    Actually, the type of opinion you are pushing is not allowed on PhysicsForums - at least, not in this area. If you want to push some new ideas, you may consider Independent Research - although there are guidelines there as well.

    What this area is reserved for is learning more about physics - both established and emerging trends. Speculative ideas can be posted on your private blog instead of forums.

    I think you basic questions were: a) were the fundamental forces unified at one time? b) is there any significance to your mathematical identities?

    a) Yes.
    b) No. There is no predictive value here, which makes this an "ad hoc" theory (i.e. simply matches already known facts).

    By the way, you may be interested in the numerology of the fine structure constant (1/137) - which is a lot more interesting. Seriously.
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    I believe your questions have been answered.
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