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Fortran 90 (need to read in binary data files into arrays)

  1. Feb 2, 2009 #1

    I am currently doing a 3rd year undergrad project on forward radio meteor scatter

    the problem involves the following:

    I have over 80Gbs worth of 10 second data blocks of recorded radio input.

    They are stored as date stamped .bin files in binary format, each of order 1700kb or so.

    I am using a filter constructed in MatLab and fortran 90

    I am reading in the filter to an array... then reading in the binary data blocks in blocks of 10 or 20. multiplying through the filter and outputing to a single .dat data file.

    previously i was using test data that was in the ASCII language. now I have to convert the program to operate on binary files.

    Is there an easy way to adapt the program to read in binary files into an array?

    thank you. any more information, please ask.
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    The easiest thing would be to convert your data set to a format that the current Fortran/Matlab app can read. Coding in that particular environment is nasty. Use something like C++ or Java to do the conversion.
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