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Medical Frequency Induced Motion Sickness?

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    Frequency Induced Motion Sickness?

    Is it true what they are saying? They are now able to send out a frequency, and it makes you feel like you have motion sickness? How is it possible to create this frequency?
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    Who are "they" that are saying this? Do you have some sort of reference to back up the statement that someone is even making this claim?
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    I believe he is referring to infrasound. It's low frequency. Josht, is this what you are referring to? A lot of pipe organs in churches produce infrasound. I have some articles on it I can probably dig up. We had a long discussion about it here a couple of years ago.
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    I'm not to sure actually, I went to a "spy shop" to kill some time and they had a little speaker and it said "the vomit frequency" and the caption said that it emits a tone so low that it makes you sick to your stomach.
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    Long ago, before law suits, I did lab demonstrations for a professor. In one of these, I used a large Klipsch speaker array and a good low frequency amp (an old McIntosh) to run through the range of about 2-20Hz in order to vibrate objects about the room. Invariably, someone would grasp their stomach or cross their legs and charge for the bathroom. Most students were unaffected. Today, no one in their right mind would do such a demo.
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