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Vibration, frequency, sonic warfare, and tattooing

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    Hi there!

    Just as a disclaimer before I start: I am new to physics and new to these forums, so please be kind if I say anything that seems silly to those who know more than me on the subject. :)

    I've been looking at this old thread about the human body and frequencies, linked below, due to a sudden interest in sonic warfare after having a strange dream. And it seems that at the time there were some discrepancies. At the same time as looking at this, I was listening to a conversation between people who had sat for large tattoo pieces. They were saying that for a day or so after getting the tattoo, they always felt very sick, as if they had the 'flu.

    So I sort of have two questions/discussions:

    1) Do you think it could be at all possible that there could be any connection between long exposure to the frequency of the vibration of a tattoo pen, and this 'uncomfortable' feeling described? (Beyond simply being a response to the pain or simply the vestibular system being overworked?) A tattoo website says that the usual frequencies used are between 100-150HZ. Or would the frequency need to be much much lower to have an effect?

    2) And secondly, does anyone know of any recent peer-reviewed and published material on frequencies of the body more generally? I have a good book from the library, however it is from 1976 so I am unsure whether any of this has been debunked since then.


    Thanks for any contributing thoughts!
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    The flu-like symptoms are most likely caused by the damage the needle does to the skin.
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    Not only is the body in the process of repairing damage to the skin, someone being subjected to an acute stress situation, such as being on the receiving end of a tattoo procedure, also experiences a "fight/flight" response, more pronounced is some than others. This effect upon the body and the nervous system can manifest itself as "illness" after the stress has been removed, wheras while being under the acute stress the body changes would probably go unnoticed by most individuals.

    So the OP will have to filter out the predominance of bodily response to vibration, body repair, and stress was responsible for waht was overheard in the conversation.
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