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Medical From Know Thyself to Construct Thyself

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    From "Know Thyself" to "Construct Thyself"

    Can't help my curiosity...

    Suppose one considers this. The appendix in the human body is more or less useless (correct me if i'm wrong). In fact it just become a nusicance in situations. So there are just obselete 'bits' hanging around that everybody has. Are there similar things in the brain?

    Also, taking an engineering standpoint, in terms of efficiency, i can imagine that there are probably lot of mechanisms in the human body that work the way they do because working that way was the most (quasi) efficient choice for nature. In the current world, such a mechanism is probably inefficient and there are ways that a scientist can identify probably that can do the same function better or perhaps even get rid of that altogether.

    Are there these kinds of inefficient mechanisms in the brain (eg: that operate during brain development?) has anyone identified any so far? ... obvisly i'm trying to get an idea of what avenues for engineering are possible.
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    Are there parts of the Brain that are inefficient?

    Depending on what you call inefficient, the answer has to be YES.

    This is reason that people have Psychosis ... their brains working inefficiently.
    If I want to focus on one thing, I can't ... there are many other things taking attention.

    But, on the other hand, I don't think we can just start cutting-out pieces of the Brain to improve its efficiency.

    I would be happy to have my pain center desensitized.
    Then, it's 110 degrees, and I am feeling better.
    Or 40 degrees, and I don't need to take a coat.
    Or, work-out till I drop, and then the next day ... I feel fine.

    My thinking (never having pondered this before) is:
    1) Engineering can be done, without removing any tissue;
    2) Programming is the key; re-program the brain (brainwash it).
    This way, much of the inefficient programming can be over-written, and new, strong programming can fill up that void.
    So, engineer a powerful brainwashing system: Accentuate the Positive; eliminate the Negative.
    If you do, I will be your first customer.
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