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Functional analysis book for engineers

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    Hello, I am currently looking for a book on functional analysis. However most books I have seen assume knowledge real and complex analysis.
    But I am looking for a more superficial introduction covering the important results, some examples of applications (mainly to computational problems), and not really derivations of theorems (just intuitive explanations) etc. More like calculus for first year undergrad engineering students where integration and differentiation isn't rigorously defined but nevertheless used extensively later.
    Maybe one of you can point out a book for that ?
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    I think the book of Walter Rudin about Functional analysis is suitable
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    Although I haven't used it, I think this is more likely what you're looking for.

    Introductory Functional Analysis with Applications (Paperback)
    by Erwin Kreyszig

    Rudin is very theoretical, and is going to require a lot of real/complex analysis background.
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