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Fundamental Physics Prize - $27 million awarded

  1. Jul 31, 2012 #1
    Who said is there any money in Physics?

    http://fundamentalphysicsprize.org/news.html [Broken]
    New annual US$3 million Fundamental Physics Prize recognizes transformative advances in the field
    Inaugural nine recipients of the Prize receive US$27 million in aggregate, all of whom agree to form a Selection Committee to award future prizes

    In its inaugural year, the Milner Foundation has awarded nine Fundamental Physics Prizes and the recipients are:

    Nima Arkani-Hamed
    Alan Guth
    Alexei Kitaev
    Maxim Kontsevich
    Andrei Linde
    Juan Maldacena
    Nathan Seiberg
    Ashoke Sen
    Edward Witten
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    Physics Monkey

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    Haha, one condensed matter-esque guy! At least they didn't totally ignore those of us doing "applied physics"!
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    But they did ignore those of us doing "applied wikipedia". :frown:
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    Bummer :cry:
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    The "new horizons" prize is still a great perspective for some of us... not for amateurs, I guess, but anyway a good initiative. Interesting.
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    It seems that how this money is being handled in a way which is likely to not give meaningful productive results. These guys are well funded already. For example Witten has got a few million of grants, but it didn't improve his productivity compared to when he didn't have that much. Outside this specific set of listed people, Erik Verlinde, for example, had its production almost down to 0 after he got 5 million in grants.

    Maybe these prizes could have specific set of rules, like setting up small scale "Manhattan projects", to intensively study a project by arranging working group in a facility.
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    Wow, I was just thinking about, let's see, how to apply Seiberg-Witten invariants to topological computation as performed by tachyon condensation in an inflationary universe that's an uplift of an AdS/CFT duality. Also I was going to use motivic integration. And twistors. What a coincidence. I guess I should apply!
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    I agree that you should try to publish :approve:
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    Great !
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    String +String...... +String.

    good bye Nobel
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