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Fundamentals of Physics- Gold Standard in another language?

  1. Aug 26, 2009 #1
    I'm taking Physics this year. The problem is that the lectures are not going to be in English, my native tongue, and I'm not yet fluent in the language of instruction. I'm an international student and will be dealing with this my entire studies.

    The book the class is using is Fundamentals of Physics (halliday, resnick, walker) "English" international extended edition. Fortunately the text and tests will be in English.

    Because I'm not fluent in the language of instruction I will try to build a study group of English speaking students. Can anyone "PLEASE" recommend some online videos/lectures of instruction in General (Freshman-for Engineers) physics? Especially if the lectures are based on the text book I'm using.
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    Just go to YouTube and search for "physics lecture" (singular), and you'll find everything you want. I also happen to know that MIT gives some good lectures too at


    Good luck :)
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