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Homework Help: Game Theory Question

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    In the game with payoff Matrix


    Columngirl's strategy of [1/2,0,0,1/2,0,0] is optimal. Describe all the optimal strategies for Rowboy. Find the value of the game and show that this game is not fair.

    Thing is i can't find any optimal value for Rowboy

    here is his strategie Rowboy's strategy


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    You are given that the optimal column strategy is [1/2, 0, 0, 1/2, 0, 0]. Any optimal row strategy must be optimal against that so you really only need to consider the first and fourth columns. (I get, as optimal row strategy, [1/2, 1/2, 0, 0].
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    I tried that but then i can't show that L(x,y)=w=5/2 which makes the game unfair. If i use Rowboy's strategie as [1/2,1/2,0,0] i get the game is at w=3/2 which doesn't equal to 5/2. I know that is a feasiable strategy but its not optimal.
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