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Games: Gravity is a chain reaction within an equilibrium of chaos& entro

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    [SOLVED] Games: Gravity is a chain reaction within an equilibrium of chaos& entro

    Roulette is a 50/50 game if you are playing black vs red, except for
    the one green slip of the wheel, but the odds of hitting that are very

    So here is an experiment you can test out at home.

    Get 21 pennies, and a quarter.

    Now get 3 pennies and the quarter ready. Put 2 pennies in a pile, and
    one by itself.

    If the quarter comes up heads move the penny by itself into the pile of

    2, and tails you do the opposite.

    The odds are 50% higher that you will win at roulette if you have the
    pile of 2 pennies. And here is why. Because the extra pennie is a
    freebie that your pretty girlfriend scored from some stooge playing
    poker who was probably on a winning streak.

    Now you can keep playing this game by adding a penny to each pile, and
    the odds of you taking the whole pot continue to go down logically.
    When you are playing 3 on 2, the odds of winning aren't 50% higher,
    they are only 25% higher. And with each penny you add the odds go down

    by half. Or something like that. You do the math.

    But the more money your girlfriend hustles the greater your odds of
    winning at roulette are. Or you could bring in fake chips yourself.
    But the great thing is the more free chips your playing with, the more
    of the casinos pot you have a good chance of raking in.

    It doesn't matter, just always bet on black.

    There are lots of other ways to get that "free penny" as well. Being
    able to read good body language at a poker table gets you a free penny,

    being a pretty girl gets you that extra, I'm going to overbet my bad
    hand penny. You know

    But the idea is that if you play the 50/50 game, and you always trying
    to win just half of what you are willing to gamble, your odds improve

    2 against 1 , you have a 66% chance of winning

    You win that pot

    3 against 1, you have a 75% chance of winning

    4 against 2, you have a 66% chance of winning.

    So every time you win a pot you get a free penny!

    And once you go up on a streak of luck like this, even when you start
    to come down, you can continue going back up, and find a happy medium.
    You just have to know when to quit, and know how to score those free
    pennies. Just look at the whole pot that you have at the time as
    something you are willing to risk to get whatever 'goal' you have at
    the time.

    Can you imagine what the odds would look like if you only go after one
    penny as your goal? As the pile of pennies on your side keeps growing
    larger, your odds go up exponentially after you reach each goal. But
    obviously there is still a chance you will lose everything because you
    are risking all of your pennies to win.

    Now that this post is featured on JREF let me explain the math a little
    bit more.

    If I have 2 pennies and I want to start a chain reaction, in a 50/50
    game, then I only go after one pennie at a time.

    There are 3 ways the game can go, I can lose a penny, get it back, and
    then score the penny that is my goal. Or I can win the penny right
    off. Or I can lose completely.

    So I have a 66.6% chance of winning

    And now that I have 3 pennies and I go after one more penny, the odds
    are 75% that I will win, because there are 3 ways I can win and 1 way I
    can lose.

    If I take the chance of playing these two games in a row, There are 7
    ways I can win and 5 ways I can lose. So the chances of winning are
    (2/3 + 3/4 )/2. And that's 71.42857%

    Which is a whole lot better than starting with 2 pennies and playing
    against 2 pennies!!

    It can only be explained as gravity, and astrological magnetism. Or
    maybe, the butterfly effect?
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    There is a more simple way to doing this.
    Just bet on one penny and always play black/red.
    If you win, you withdraw. If you loose, you double and play again.

    This way you will have a change of winning which increases the more money you have in your pocket. Because the change of loosing becomes half every time you play. Which goes like 50% on the first bet, 25% on the second bet, 12,5% on the third bet, etc.
    Now you can always loose because the table has a maximum bet, but this can be rather low.
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