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Gauge theories and constraints

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    I have a short question about gauge theories and constraints. Imagine I have a symmetry algebra, and I gauge it. With N generators in the algebra I get N gauge fields and N gauge curvatures. In realizing the algebra on the gauge fields I assume the gauge parameters are independent and don't act on each-other; in this way I can check that the commutators of the algebra are realized on the gauge fields.

    Now I introduce a curvature constraint. My question is: is it guaranteed that the Jacobi identity still realized on the gauge field? Even if the constraint is not invariant under all gauge transformations?

    Many thanks in forward! :)
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    I don't know the answer to your question. But since you didn't get a lot of responses, perhaps you could check out the book by Henneaux and Teitelbohm if you have not already seen it. I think it contains a detailed account of constraints and gauge theories, although I wouldn't know if it contains the answer to your particular question. I think it is called something like "quantization of gauge systems".
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