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General How stuff works video capsules, blog or podcast?

  1. Feb 28, 2013 #1
    General "How stuff works" video capsules, blog or podcast?

    Hey, I'd really like to spend a few minutes (15-30 minutes per day) learning about how random stuff works. Anything from electronics to cars to specific pieces of technologies, to industrial processes, etc.

    I'm posting in this section because I don't have access to the Learning Material one.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
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  3. Mar 1, 2013 #2
    Re: General "How stuff works" video capsules, blog or podcast?

    I don't guarantee that you'll learn new things everyday but there are lots of cool resources on the net like youtube (subscribe to someone who has the same interests and post these kinds of videos..). Also, there are plenty of television channels dedicated to that such as "Discovery channel" etc... Lots of interesting documentaries there.
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    Re: General "How stuff works" video capsules, blog or podcast?

    There is a channel on YouTube called EngineeringExplained. (http://m.youtube.com/user/EngineeringExplained)

    Despite the name he only talks about cars. Start at the beginning of his playlist and see if you like what you're hearing.
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