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How do I Study and Learn Best in Engineering?

  1. Oct 10, 2015 #1
    Hey everyone, I just started an engineering undergrad at a good Canadian University (not McMaster) . I have about 30 course hours per week and spend much time working on interview skills for my coop.

    I am having trouble with the pace of things, and would like your advice. My problem is that I love the beauty of mathematics and physics, philosophy, and most subjects to be honest. In engineering, it seems to be a constant barrage only of (interesting) technical courses.

    This is a problem because I feel like things go too fast and when I learn or read something I want to further study, I can't think deeply about it because I have to worry about other subjects. There are so many things I want to ponder or research more, but they are introduced and gone within the week. I am still learning this stuff so it is challenging, but I feel like I'm not truly getting a full grasp on things. I asked my professor about this and he said that it is just a juggling game and I have to neglect some things to pick up the courses that are falling down -- this really disheartens me.

    Anyways, on quizzes so far I am not doing the best, as I struggle to join the concepts and practice. I have spoken to some Dean's list upper years who advocated studying less and thinking and relaxing more, and finding what works for me. I believe I have adequate intelligence to learn this material, I just need to enhance my problem solving abilities and my approach to the topics I am learning.

    Can any graduates or upper years offer advice to me on how to manage my time, and what to focus on? Eg. Mathematically intuition, problem solving, or deductive reasoning. Thanks.
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  3. Oct 10, 2015 #2
    Like...30 credit hours? Am I missing something here?
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