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General knowledge for you, but I NEED ANSWERS

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    General knowledge for you, but I NEED ANSWERS!!!

    I've always hated anything related to politics/economy/buisness. I hate buisness so much that I always spell it wrong too. I keep on putting the i before the s.
    Anyway, here are a few 'general knowledge' questions, which might be general knowledge for you or abc but i really need answers.
    And I'm kind of in a desperate situation. So please help me, unless you're really sadistic.
    There's this kind of a summit, which I intended to take for developing leadership skills, but later found out it was more of a business thing than leadership.
    But since i'm stuck now, I have no other option but to start preparing.
    What I need to prepare for is a quiz.

    Well this is the info I needed (the main point of this post)
    I need the names of International Market Leaders. Not all but the top few. Some famous top ones. I need to know a little about them and their accomplishments. Some examples of these leaders are Bill Gates, William Clay Ford Jr., G. Richard Wagoner Jr. etc. etc.

    Second I need to know about the leading international conglomerates+their chief executives. eg. Nestle, PEPSI, blah blah.

    Third, hmm, I don't know what to ask for, so I'll just copy the line directly:
    'The quiz can focus on ... or very well known organizations like the Eu, WTO, OPEC, ASEAN etc. and their dates of formation, current members, and objectives.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Citigroup, RCA, and Barclay's Bank are some big names here. Nestle is the largest food corporation in the world. Citigroup is the largest corporation in the world, RCA is second largest I think, and Barclay's has the most assets.
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    Get out of your commitment. Taking a business quiz will be no fun if it isn't something you're interested in. Anyhow, knowing who the chairman of Pepsi is has nothing to do with being a leader.
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