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General question about Maple's capabilities with Laplace transforms

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    Working through a recent assignment, I've been dealing with an inverse laplace transform [tex]\mathcal{L}^{-1}\left[\frac{e^{-kds/v}}{(s+1)^2}\right][/tex] that Maple can't solve, yet I can do this by hand and WolframAlpha will solve it too.

    Should Maple be able to solve this (perhaps it requires extra toolsets other than just with(inttrans)), or is it just beyond Maple's capabilities to compute the inverse Laplace transform of some equations, even though it exists? As I understand it Maple uses a large database of transforms rather than computing the answer by brute force, though I would have thought Maple would have a more comprehensive database than a free online program like WolframAlpha.
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    If you enter assume(a>0); and

    [tex]f:=\frac{e^{-a s}}{(s+1)^2}[/tex]

    then invlaplace(f,s,t); works. It may be that you need to tell Maple the constants that make up a are all positive.
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