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General solution to a simple ODE

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    Whenever I am stuck I usually manage by sitting down and working on the problem and eventuall finding the solution, this one is bothering me too much and I don't have any class untill friday so no hope of finding out before then unless I ask here.

    Q: Find a general solution to the diff.eq:

    d[f(x)]/dx = bf(x). Given f(0) = 1 and f'(0) = 3 define constants and find a solution for f(x)

    Stuck, used 2th order ODEs so much this thing confuses me.
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    This is solved simply through seperation of variables:




    Performing indefinite integration over this gives you:


    With c being arbitrary constant of integration
    And explicitly f is given by


    Where I chose to rewrite the arbitrary constant e^c as a.

    Determining a and b from your additional conditions is a simple algebric exercise.
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    Thank you!
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