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News George W. Bush: personality profile

  1. Jan 24, 2007 #1
    Who is the man behind the mask - does the American public have any idea what the identity of President George W. Bush is? Has he deceived even himself? Might his personality fit into the category of Attention Deficit Disorder or another psychological diagnosis?
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    There are plenty of people who have done personality profiles on Bush - some of them are even pshrinks. But since most of them do it because they hate him already, it is tough to find one that you can believe is dispassionate.

    Are you asking for people here to do it? You'll run into the same problem.
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    I suppose I would believe a more practical and more definite measure - his reputation among associates, friend and foe alike.

    Any quotes, folks?
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    Well Chavez said that after he left(some sort of world conference) He could still smell the sulphur in the air :smile: but I don't think that's precisely what you mean.

    Neocons seem to love him, you can please some of the people....
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    Of course they do. After all, he's an avowed Christian, and that makes him into a paragon of morality.
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    But among the less spiritual creatures alive. ADD? Well the guy is an idiot, a zealot, and an a-hole who seems to be delusional or at least monstrously grandiose who has greater trust in the bible than a dozen Nobel laureates.

    It's funny, lame duck that he is, simultaneously trying to appease moderates with talk of all these breakthru technologies in energy--at least Carter, bedeviled by lust in his heart, knew "breakthrus" cost $$--all this while still clinging to the cause in Iraq. I guess thats Plan B.

    But Iraq basically gave away its oil resources a couple months ago--I thought that would be the white flag we needed to get outtathere.

    Sorry, I have ADD as well, but it alone cannot account for his ineptitude.
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    I've seen Muslims that are more Christian than Bush :smile:
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    A large enough sample will get a good cross-section. Right? Right?? :biggrin: :biggrin:
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    I wish I could remember the man's name, but served as a fellow corporation Board member with Bush, said to the effect, "of all the people in the world, I would have thought of him near last as a future president."
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    An Administration's Epic Collapse

    America deserves better.

    I think there will be enormous pressure on the next president to fix the current mess.
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    If not exactly fixing the mess, a dignified withdrawal is perhaps the best one can hope for..
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    Yes. This is why the candidate to run following a disastrous campaign is usually a sacrifice. He's doomed. The parties keep their hole card back.
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