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Georgetown College, a small liberal arts college in Kentucky

  1. Oct 3, 2008 #1
    So right now I go to Georgetown College, a small liberal arts college in Kentucky. I am a junior and my majors are physics, mathematics, and philosophy. I have about a 3.8 and will be studying philosophy at Oxford next semester (I will actually be studying there, not one of those fake programs where you just bring your teacher with you). I am considering transferring for the last 1.5 years of my schooling (1.5 because of my three majors). Would this be beneficial for getting into graduate school? I look to pursue a Ph.D in either some field of physics or math, but I am not sure yet. What would be some positives in transferring and could I get any scholarship to a good school (very short on money)?
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    Re: Transfer?

    I am assuming your college does not have a graduate program in math or physics. Transferring to an university with one for undergrad could be a positive. This will give you an opportunity to perform research. Another idea is to start focusing down on your area of interest. Take some graduate level courses during your undergrad. I was a philosophy and physics double major during my undergrad. My junior year I decided to drop the philosophy major in order to take additional grad level physics classes. Suggestion - try to finish up your philosophy degree at your liberal arts college before you transfer. Then, you will be able to focus more on advance courses and technical abilities.
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