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Getting into Grad School require honours?

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    Hello everyone,

    On most university websites, the admission into a masters program requires a honours in BSc. Does this mean you have to graduate with honours or just a degree will do? I have been getting answers from both sides so I am not really sure.


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    Which country?
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    I think this depends on the schools - both the graduate school and the undergraduate institution and their definitions of what constitutes an honours degree.

    In general, what this means is that to get into graduate studies you need a degree with heavy concentration in your chosen subject. Some schools will offer more general degrees with emphasis in a particular subject - the kind of thing that would say qualify you to become a high school teacher in that area for example, but the program is balanced out with lots of electives. To be competative for a graduate school position, you want to follow an undergraduate curriculum that covers all the fundamentals needed in that subject.

    The rule of thumbs is: take the most rigorous path available.
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