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Getting into MIT: Am I Good Enough/How to Get Good Enough

  1. Dec 26, 2014 #1
    I really want to attend MIT graduate school. Here are some things about me:
    I am a sophomore at an HBCU on a full scholarship. I am a physics major planning on double majoring by adding mathematics (because I LOVE it).
    -Overall GPA: 3.84
    -Physics GPA: 4.00 (but I've only taken Physics I & Physics I Lab)
    -Math GPA: 4.00 (Calc I, II, and III; set theory)
    -The B's I had were in two English classes, chem lab and bio lab)
    -I'm starting the spring of my sophomore year studying for the GRE
    -I have an on-campus internship with XTREEMS-QED. We have been studying/predicting climate change using computer simulations and may have a work being published soon.
    -I gave a presentation at a Differential Equations conference and my partner and I were the only undergraduates presenting which made everyone else notice us.
    -I was recommended to be a tutor for Physics I next semester and the dean approved.
    -I will have an internship next semester in the same city at the medical mall.

    Am I good enough for MIT so far if I improve? What improvements can I make to increased my chances of being accepted? Would these improvements also be helpful when applying to other top graduate schools?
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    To get into the top schools (MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton), you need to have excelled in the most difficult classes your schools offers, do great research (a publication really helps, especially if you are first or second author), and get great letters by professors who know you well and preferably have done research with. The PGRE is important but can be overlooked by most schools if the rest of your application is very strong.
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