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Getting into MSc Physics programme in European university

  1. Dec 29, 2013 #1
    I'm doing BSc in Physics from Pune University in India and will pass with very good grades. I want to know how competitive is admission for MSc Physics programme in top European universities. Is it very tough to get into top universities? What do they look for in the application to give admit? I don't have any research experience. I can fund my education.
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    And yes, thanks in advance :-)
  4. Dec 30, 2013 #3
    If you are not looking for a scholarship and can pay the tuition yourself, then I would expect it to be relatively simple. Just contact a university that you like and ask them what is required.
  5. Dec 31, 2013 #4
    Research experience is not a requirement in British universities. As you can fund your education, and expect very good grades, I can't envisage any problem at all in finding a place! I assume by expecting "very good grades" you expect to get a first, or at least a 2(i). You will probably need at least a 2(ii)... If you don't know what is meant by first, 2(i) or 2(ii) you need to learn more about the British university system...
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