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A Master of Science (Latin: Magisterii Scientiae; abbreviated MS, M.S., MSc, M.Sc., SM, S.M., ScM or Sc.M.) is a master's degree in the field of science awarded by universities in many countries or a person holding such a degree. In contrast to the Master of Arts degree, the Master of Science degree is typically granted for studies in sciences, engineering and medicine and is usually for programs that are more focused on scientific and mathematical subjects; however, different universities have different conventions and may also offer the degree for fields typically considered within the humanities and social sciences. While it ultimately depends upon the specific program, earning a Master of Science degree typically includes writing a thesis.

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  1. amirhossein

    Exploring Quasiparticle Interactions in Quantum Field Theory

    I learned physics( MSc) & my academic orientation was elementary particles and QFT . My thesis is about quasiparticle interaction from the quantum field theory point of view. I like QFT, basic particles, quasiparticles, accelerators, plasma and superconductivity.
  2. yezia

    Which MSc to do after BSc physics if you love to code?

    Hi everyone! Merry christmas first and I hope you're getting great rest with close ones around :) Well, as title may suggest it, I will graduate soon in physics and I'm not sure of the next step in my academic curriculum. I like theoretical physics, I've touched upon most fondamental physics...
  3. C

    Exploring Career Paths with a MSc in Biomaterials and Biomechanics

    I graduated Bioengineering BSc and I am currently a MSc student in the field of Biomaterials and Biomechanics. Next year I will finish this master and I am interested in searching for job. I do not know what kind of job can I apply for with my master degree. I would like to search and prepare me...
  4. X

    Concerns about my MSc Physics applications :((

    Summary:: 3.0 gpa(which may be considerably bad :((((), 3 research experience(1 summer term,1 fall,1 spring term) and 1 project in undergraduate Hello everyone these are those what I had in undergraduate physics.I am going to apply to top tier schools in France,Taiwan and China.Do you think...
  5. D

    Courses Physics education PhD then MSc Physics

    Hi, I am currently a physics teacher at secondary school level (high school). I have been offered to do a PhD in physics education in an area of research that interests me and relates to physics teaching. I am aware that physics education PhDs might not open up as many career opportunities...
  6. binbagsss

    Which are fees more for, a Mres or MSc ?

    or are they roughly the same. thanks. ive had a look on uni websites (UK) but they mainly only seem to list taught masters fees. thanks
  7. Arceus74

    Job Skills Getting a Job in Simulation/Modelling with a MSc in Material Science

    Hey guys, I am looking for any insights for getting a job in the simulation or modelling industry with a Masters in Material Science and Engineering. I have worked with composites during my masters and found out I don't have much interest in doing lab testing. I don't have any plans of doing a...
  8. A

    Schools Applying for Imperial MSc QFFF

    I am currently considering applying for imperial college MSc quantum field and fundamental forces, and have few questions. 1. It says admission is in rolling bias, and it is already March, is it too late for the application? i.e. is all place taken by now. 2. I am currently a year three imperial...
  9. J

    Programs Graduate Physics after MsC res in Chemical Biology and Bachelor in Biology

    I am 25 and I have graduated from Oxford university in Chemical Biology but strongly believe that I want to do Physics all my future life. I did my Masters by research on the department of Chemistry and I was co-supervised by Professor in Organic Chemistry and Professor in Physical Chemistry. So...
  10. B

    From MSc Nuclear Physics to PhD medical physics is it possible?

    Hi I need help. I have my masters in Nuclear physics from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Nigeria but am passionate about studying for medical physics in my PhD specializing in either Nuclear medicine or radiotherapy. Please any University that will admit on fully funded scholarship am open to...
  11. Q

    Programs Phd in the US after completing an Msc

    I am currently offered to enroll for an Msc degree in my home university (Somewhere in asia). The program is not "SUPER", but they are promising me a research year in DESY (germany) alongside the degree. The degree will take me 2 years. I want to complete a Phd as well, but I am not planning...
  12. Astroian

    Aerospace to MSC in astrophysics?

    Summary: Master in astrophysics from aerospace science I am studying Aerospace Science and Technology and I always want to study theoretical physics and astrophysics. So, can I do a MSC in astrophysics or theoretical physics or must I learn more things about the subject to be ready? Is...
  13. STasnim12357

    Schools How good is the Theoretical Physics MSc course at Queen Mary?

    Hello am currently an undergraduate student. My major is CSE. But I am very much interested to do my masters and then PhD in theoretical physics/mathematical physics. Is there any university that admits CS graduates for these courses? I have looked up some universities that offer these courses...
  14. L

    Admissions PhD in United States after Imperial MSc QFFF

    Hello, I've recently been admitted to the MSc QFFF program at Imperial College London for the 2019-2020 year and am seeking advice regarding possible career paths/was wondering if anyone is in a similar situation. My end goal is to do a PhD in the United States since (for non-academic reasons)...
  15. W

    Physics Career options for a physicist (MSc)

    Hi PF, I graduated (MSc) six months ago with a 3.7/4.0 GPA and is still unemployed. During my time at university, I focused on my studies and did not give my future work life much thought. Consequently, I do not really know what my options are as a physicist. Sure, after reading countless job...
  16. B

    Programs Are English-Taught MSc Physics Programs Available in France?

    Are there good MSc programs in physics in France that are taught in english? (ones that might be in particle or nuclear physics but that's not important)
  17. R

    Max. Scholarship gained by student for in MSC in USA

    GRE EXAM for admission in postgraduation in physics in USA is of 340 marks. If one scores 330/340 then how much maximum scholarship could he get for masters in a good USA university for physics, he has done research work too? And would he also get reduction in accommodation and mess fees, if...
  18. Y

    A Quantum Gravity -- intro papers for 2nd year MSc student?

    Basically, I'm a Physics/Math MSc student. Currently strengthening my background in Diff. Geo., QFT, GR. I feel like I should start reading some research papers on Quantum Gravity but I do not know where to start. What papers should I start with? I need papers that are accessible to 2nd year...
  19. L

    Physics What’s the Imperial College QFFF MsC like?

    I’ve recently received an offer for the QFFF MSc at Imperial College, I’m certain that I’ll be accepting the offer (when the portal updates). But there’s a few things that questions I have generally and hopefully anyone on the course or who has been on the course can help me out. In the course...
  20. S

    Programs MSc in pure physics or nuclear physics?

    Myself satyabhaskar. I completed my bachelor's degree with 93% and I got 3rd rank in AUCET with the specialization of physics.Now I have a small confusion about which subject i want to choose in msc physics.My main aim is to get a govt job if it is not possible then after i will enter into...
  21. FourEyedRaven

    Studying Is This a Good Route to MSc Level Physics

    Hi. I have a background in mathematics and I want to learn physics up to the skill level of an MSc in Theoretical Physics (the background story is below, in case you have time to read that). I've been looking around for books and online classes and I've come up with this plan. What would you...
  22. M

    Programs UC London Astrophysics MSc vs Leiden Astronomy MSc (+ PhD)

    I need some advice with a tough choice between two great programs. On the one hand, I have University College London, a 1 year program in Astrophysics which covers 6 courses and an original research project. On the other hand, I have Leiden University, a 2 year program in Astronomy with ~12...
  23. R

    Schools Has anyone obtained a MSc from Imperial College?

    Hello, I have been accepted at Imperial's postgraduate course "Quantum FIelds and Fundamental Forces" full time and have received an offer. This means that I have 20 days to decide If I will attend the course or not. Has anyone graduated from this course and is willing to share his...
  24. J

    Job Skills How to Apply for an MSc Without a Recommendation from a Problematic Advisor?

    Hello! I recently quit my job as a research assistant since I discovered my supervisor, also my former advisor, recommended my boss to fire me (It was a project). He claimed he has done all the work and I didn't assist him, thankfully my boss believed otherwise. However, as he is my former...
  25. tomwilliam2

    Studying What can I study for Space Science & Technology MSc

    I'm currently doing an MSc in Space Science and Technology. I've done engineering, celestial dynamics, astronomy and planetary science at postgrad level. I need to choose a thesis topic, and I'm a little short of ideas. I'm interested in theoretical physics and cosmology, but need inspiration...
  26. Aaron M

    Thinking about getting an MSc in CS

    Hello all, I have recently graduated with a BSc in physics and have been accepted into the MSc program for Applied Physics. However, due to the job outlook for the position I actually want to do I am deeply interested in pursuing my second interest, which is, AI. Question: My main question is...
  27. Z

    Admissions EU MSc application without prior research

    I'm right now in Senior year in a bad school ( I mean ranking 1k+, actually best in country so I have an excuse ), with good GPA ( about 3.25 equivalent ) considering applying for grad school in EU in nuclear/high energy physics. However I'm from a not so good university undergrad research isn't...
  28. B

    Engineering From engineering BSc to Physics MSc

    Dear forum, let me tell you my story: I hold a BSc degree in petrochemical engineering. I'm 25 years old. I finished my university studies 4 years ago, graduated with honors and have been working in the industry ever since. I have a good job with a decent salary, I can buy stuff and support my...
  29. bananabandana

    MSc in Theoretical (Mathematical) Physics,KCL vs Edinburgh

    Hi all, I have an offer to do an MSc in QFFF at Imperial or an MSc in Mathematical Physics at Edinburgh, or (with luck) an MSc in Theoretical Physics at Kings College London (KCL). Technically, QFFF is the best (i.e most reputable) course - but I have heard very bad things about how it's...
  30. H

    Studying Preparing for high energy physics MSc at ETH Zurich and Ecol

    Hello everyone! I was recently accepted into the High energy physics MSc at ETH Zurich (minor miracle...), doing the second year at Ecole Poly. This is after coming out of a BSc majoring in physics and maths, at a less prestigious uni which probably hasn't covered material to the same extent as...
  31. CivilSigma

    Programs MEng or MSc. , but both require thesis?

    Hello, I'm looking online at some master programs at different universities in Canada, and some offer MEng and MSc degrees that both require research and a thesis. My question is which is "better" on paper, a MEng or MSc? since in both degrees your going to do research. Thanks!
  32. Immersion

    Physics Better MSc. option to be Data scientist if I'm Physicist?

    Hi everybody, I have a bachelor degree in physics and I want to be Data Scientist, I have good programming skills and background in mathematical statistics, so, between options that I have found of MSc. are applied mathematics, applied statistics, statistics, applied physics, computer science...
  33. L

    Programs Regarding MSc and PhD research areas

    Hi, I'm about to start my MSc in Computer Science studying "Combinatorial Optimization", which was already the theme of my undergraduation thesis. I like the field and the research, but I'd rather prefer working with numerical methods and techniques. The problem is my current university has a...
  34. A

    Programs Can't decide to choose the MSC programs in Physics

    Hi everyone, I m a senior student in undergraduate level in physics. Probably, i will start my Msc next semester. So i started to think about the programs in physics. First of all i want to give some information about my education and my desires. All of my restricted elective courses were about...
  35. C

    Admissions PhD in UK and USA: is it useful to have a European MSc?

    I'm a Physics student currently ending the bachelor degree. Since I study in Europe (Italy) there are quite big differences in the degrees system between Europe, UK and USA. Start from the assumption that I would like in the future to do a PhD in the UK or in USA. My main question is: do a MSc...
  36. C

    Programs Which is the best MSc programme (Condensed Matter Physics)?

    I'm a Physics student ending the bachelor degree in Physics. I'm strongly interested in Condensed Matter Physics (both theoretical and experimental), especially the quantum mechanical aspects that are linked to this field of studies. I'm trying to choose where to study for a MSc in Physics...
  37. S

    MSc Physics: Should My Sister Take an Entrance Exam?

    My sister is willing to study MSc Physics in abroad. Should she need to take any entrance exam?
  38. C

    Studying How best to prepare for MSc. in Astrophysics

    Hi all, I'm a software engineer, I graduated in 2013 as a mature student and I'm now at a senior level. I wanted to pursue a Masters degree and I've found an accredited distance learning MSc. in the UK ( https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/study/courses/postgraduates/astrophysics-msc) I'm using...
  39. Leonarte

    Programs From CS: a MSc, or another degree?

    Hey guys, So, I have been reading the forum for quite a time now. I am confused on what to do next in my academic life, and came here to ask your assistance. I'm from Brazil, so we have to consider that the University system here is a bit different. By the end of this year I'll graduate from...
  40. S

    Programs Struggling to decide on MSc following chemistry degree

    I was hoping for a bit of advice about the options I'm considering, or if anyone knows of a good place I can ask the same question, that would also be appreciated. I'm considering a few different masters degrees but there isn't really one that I think I'd enjoy significantly more than the...
  41. S

    Admissions Is a delay in getting BSc important for admission to MSc?

    I'm currently doing my Bachelor of Physics in Italy, my projects for the future are to apply for a MSc in Physics in some good European universities in Germany or in the UK. (Just to say, I was thinking about München or London). Unfortunately I'm not sure I will be able to end my studies in the...
  42. O

    Schools Imperial College MSc in QFFF - Do I still have a chance?

    So I'm your overly ambitious first year Physics student at Imperial College. I am currently planning out possible life routes. The following is written by me in the future, hopefully (it's just easier): So I finished my Physics degree with a first (hopefully), but I have since been abroad for...
  43. M

    Schools Any good open universities around?

    Hello, forum its been some time since I posted something on this site, feels good to be back :) well I am facing a problem and have thought about it and think I will be needing some help from you guys... the story goes as such.. well, I finished a four year degree in the field of physics...
  44. S

    Programs BSc Chemistry to MSc Chemical Engineering?

    I was just hoping for a bit of feedback on how realistic of a transition this would be. I'm nearing the end of an honors degree in chemistry and the job prospects look a bit dire. In my area there are lab technician jobs that require the applicant to have a degree, and the pay is less than what...
  45. D

    Engineering Engineering career after MSc applied physics

    I have a MSc in engineering physics / applied physics, but i decided to not continue with a PhD, and instead try out my luck as an engineer in the industry. I'm currently working with structural analysis, but I feel somewhat overqualified for most of the work I do, so I feel like switching to...
  46. M

    Which direction for the MSc thesis is best?

    Dear All, I have been offered to chose a direction for the MSc thesis in Theoretical High Energy Physics; 1: SUSY 2: SM 3: BSM 4: QFT in curved space etc 5: Quantum Gravity etc can anyone advice me which would be a better choice in getting a Phd position later? I don't want to chose something...
  47. M

    Engineering BEng Materials Engineering to MSc Biomedical Engineering?

    Hello everyone, I have been reading this forums for a while, and today I made an account! Anyway, I am currently a first year Materials Engineering student. Whilst I know it is still very early to start thinking about postgrad, I realized that my interest lies within...
  48. M

    Engineering PhD in Physics or MSc in Engineering?

    I have a BSc in Physics, just received it about half a year ago. I decided to take a year off to figure out what I want to do and take the Physics GRE and I'm still a little torn. I love physics more than I thought possible. I like how it challenges me and makes me feel accomplished. However...
  49. F

    Computer Science PhD with Mathematics MSc

    Hello, If I have an MSc degree in mathematics specializing in machine learning, is it possible to enter a PhD program in computer science (also specializing in machine learning)? Will the fact that my degree is in mathematics and not computer science prevent me from doing that? I have heard of...
  50. E

    Is there any field in physics I can major in as Msc?

    Hello, I study Physics and I'm hoping with my Bsc I would be able to secure a job in this field but I discovered that most physicist are either teaching and/or scientists chasing theories...is there any field in physics I can major in as Msc? because i would really like to work in a...